About Us

PT Aria Adiguna Abadi established in 1995 and has catered to the needs of both local and international buyers.

Who Is Aria Timber ?

PT Aria Adiguna Abadi was established in 1995 and has catered to the needs of both local and international buyers.
We work mainly with Plantation timber, Rubberwood, furniture, Jabon, and other plantation timber ..

Due to our obsession with Sustainability and Environmental concerns, we use Only Plantation timber that is both renewable, and sustainable. The vast majority of our products are made from Rubber wood, that is planted actually for its latex. Only the tree is too old to produce economical amounts of latex, would it be harvested for its timber. Historically these tree that were no longer productive, would be cut and burned. Which would otherwise be wasted, not to mention causing pollution with the release of harmful gases to the atmosphere..


certification is an important step to be recognized as a responsible and sustainable timber sources

  • Komite Akreditasi Nasional

  • Testing Laboratory KAN

  • JAS Board Tested & Passed

  • Sucoffindo Timber Legality

Our History

  • 1953
  • The business included the Clearing of Land for the replanting of rubber trees. Back then, the trees were used mostly as firewood. They were either sold to households for cooking, or to factories that used in heating to make their various products.

  • 1975
  • Profiles, door jambs, solid doors, construction timber, were just some of the products that were developed. We focused mostly on the local market, while we continuously strive to improve on our quality.

  • 1997
  • We formed a separate company PT. Aria Adiguna, also known as Aria Timber, especially to cater for the export market. We hired foreign expatriates that have expertise in the manufacturing of timber products.

  • Now
  • Our client list includes Japanese Music Manufacturing companies, several International Contractors, and not to mention relief agencies and furniture companies.